A wee word from Ben.

Corona virus and its consequent lockdown was a shock in every respect. My first thought was probably similar to yours and was focused around the health and wellbeing of my family, my staff and my customers, nobody can say it wasn’t an emotional and frightening time.

Into the first weeks of lockdown and the gravity of the situation really hit home, we had only been open for 4 short months at part capacity, the Balerno Inns future was looking hugely challenging. 

I guess that old saying that you know your friends in times of trouble is very apt, my entire staff were incredible, volunteering to help me clean down the building to make sure we would be ready to reopen safely just as soon as possible I’ll never be able to thank them enough special thanks Andy, Erin Gemma and Jack, they have been incredible. My immediate family were and are epic, together we worked hard to problem solve challenges as they came along and bit by bit we started to see we could just about survive this. 

The biggest thanks should perhaps go to my unassuming business partner, he likes a low profile so I won’t name him but if you do know him you likely won’t be surprised. He waivered our rent obligations and at a time when many business were being crushed by huge rent and bank bills he offered me concrete assurances that The Balerno Inn would survive and thrive, he’s absorbed my stressful moments of which there have been a few and he has given me space and encouragement to work my ideas and offered council when it’s been needed. I am grateful beyond measure! 

The last huge thanks as we get set to reopen is to you, my customers, never a day has passed when you haven’t dropped me a message, called the pub, stopped in the street to say don’t worry Ben, we’ll all come back. You guys have given me and the Balerno Inn huge strength and confidence in what’s going to be a ‘different’ but wonderfully bright future.

We are open:

Monday 6th July to Tuesday 14th July –  12 noon – 10:00pm

Tuesday 14th July onwards – 11:00 am – 11:00pm

Introducing the Graze menu

Drinks Menu

Question & Answer

What will things look like when we open?

We’ll look very similar to how you remember, though our furniture is arranged to allow social distancing and you’ll see sanitization stations, and floor markings.

How long can I stay?

We have set our maximum duration as 2 hours, this is strict so please do arrive on time for your booking as the clock starts when your booking time starts.

What is social distancing?

We are following Scottish govt advice and enforcing 2m between people where we can. We are not the social distancing police and we need you to be smart and keep your distance and to keep your wits about you.

Do I need to book?

Yes, book at www.balernoinn.co.uk, we require the names of people in your party and are expecting to collect addresses and telephone numbers to as part of Scottish govt track and trace effort.

Can we spend a penny?

Our toilets are open and serviced frequently. Please follow staff advice and instruction.

Do you have hand sanitizer?

Yes, we have a dedicated hand sanitizing station inside front door, you must use this when you enter the venue. We have further stations and bottles around pub and garden.

For more information take a look at our full terms and conditions.

A whole new spin on outside dining

Our unique enclosed garden is the perfect setting to relax and catch up with friends. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some fabled Scottish sun at an outside table or have a private get together in one of our cosy bothys – complete with heating and surround sound – you’ll feel comfortable and right at home.

Reserve one of our lovely private dining rooms for groups or special events. 

The Malleny Room

The Malleny Room is located on the first floor and accomodates groups up to 12. It's stunning bay window provides a sweeping view of the historic high street. The room also features fully restored cornicing and a beautiful ceiling rose.

The Library Room

The Library Room was purpose-built and located off our gorgeous Garden Room. The Library can accommodate parties up to 10. It is bright and airy and features a beautiful interior design with tasteful furnishings.

The Garden Dining Room

Our light and bright garden dining room also caters up to 50 guests and is perfect for wedding, graduation, engagement or birthday parties.

Reservations by appointment only.
We will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements.

Stay over in luxury

If you’re visiting Edinburgh, there are many accommodations to choose from, but only one Balerno Inn. Our rooms have been lovingly renovated, incorporating original Victorian features with just the right amount of modern touches.

When are we open?

Monday 6th July to Tuesday 14th July

12noon - 10.00pm

Wednesday 15th July onwards

11:00am - 11:00pm

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0131 202 3220


The Balerno Inn, 15 Main Street, Balerno, EH14 7EQ